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The 0K Foundation’s Mission: Preventing Suicide and Honoring Heroes

In Johnstown, Ohio, there's a special event called "0K: The Finish Line Moves," organized by the 0K Foundation.

This event is all about preventing suicide, especially among those who've served in the military, and remembering the brave soldiers we've lost. It's a gathering where people come together not to run or walk, but to stand strong against the tragedy of suicide.


The heart of this event is a mother's story, who started the 0K Foundation after her son Jacob Wetzel, a soldier, tragically chose to end his life. She turned her sorrow into action, creating a day to help stop others from feeling hopeless that they think about suicide as their only option.

"0K: The Finish Line Moves" brings people together in a unique way. Instead of a physical race, it’s a gathering where everyone’s efforts go toward raising money and awareness to fight against suicide. It’s a day where the community shows up, not to exercise, but to express solidarity and offer hope to those who are struggling.

The funds raised help provide support for people who are considering suicide, giving them access to the help and care they need to find other options and hope for the future. It’s like a big, community-wide effort to say, “There’s help available, and we don’t want to lose anyone else.”

The event also serves as a tribute to military veterans who have died by suicide, honoring their memory and highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues in the veteran community.

To sum up, "0K: The Finish Line Moves" is more than just a charity event; it's a powerful stand against suicide. It shows that by coming together, ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference, offering support to those in despair and paying respects to fallen heroes. It's a day of hope, healing, and remembrance, proving that suicide should never be an option.

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